6 Natural Remedies To Stop Vaginal Yeast Infection

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6 Natural Remedies To Stop Vaginal Yeast Infection

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Vaginal yeast infection is a condition whereby the vagina becomes inflamed and hence results in irritation, itchiness, and a large amount of vaginal discharge. This infection not only affects the vagina but also the tissues at the opening. This is not an STI however it can be spread easily through oral-genital contact. However, you can treat using simple methods such as natural remedies instead of going to a hospital.

But, if the situation gets worse, you should visit a good clinic or the best hospital.

Below are 6 Natural Remedies to Stop Vaginal Yeast Infection:

Eat Probiotic Foods:

A female who is currently taking antibiotics is at a higher risk of suffering from vaginal yeast infection. But eating probiotic foods will help to fight the infection and also promote the growth of natural gut flora which helps to prevent these infections from growing.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Soothe it:

To prepare this, take three tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar which is raw, and add 1 quart of water to it.

Mix thoroughly then add douche to it and use on the affected area.

For additional benefits, you can add a little colloidal silver to the mixture before using it.

Consume Organic Garlic:

By eating several fresh garlic cloves a day, you will be reducing the severity of your vaginal yeast infections.

You will also have to deal with bad breath, but if this will help you out, then why not try it?

Garlic contains anti-fungal properties which act as a natural antibiotic.

Stay away from Harsh Feminine Products:

Soap may smell nice but once you use it on yourself, it will slowly damage the protective oils that occur naturally in the vagina. It is these oils that offer protection from infections such as the one being talked about.

If a product is harsh and contains alcohol, the pH balance of the vagina is tampered with and hence infections can live and breed in there.

However, using organic products will maintain the pH of the vagina. Hence the body can protect itself from infections.

Adopt to Wearing Loose Clothing:

The clothing you wear, especially undergarments should not be too tight. This natural remedy will work if you are infected because fungus loves to stay in warm and moist environments.

However, if you let air through, they will not be able to survive longer.

Relax and Balance your Lifestyle:

Females must have certain amounts of Candida yeast in their vaginas. In fact, it is abnormal if you are Candida-free.

When you undergo a stressful period, you may realize that you frequently have symptoms of an infection. This is because stress may make the Candida grow bigger since the immune system is affected.

Therefore, if in any case, you undergo a stressful period, it is advised that you try to relax by going for a massage, yoga, meditation, and also exercising regularly to clear your head.

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