Can Heart Cancer kill fast?

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Can Heart Cancer kill fast?

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Heart Cancer can be life-threatening. It is uncommon but it is real. It is caused as a result of the spread of cancerous cells from other parts of the body. For example, the cancer of the chest can spread to the heart. Other cancers that spread to the heart are known as melanomas and sarcomas.

Sarcomas (angiosarcomas) affect the right upper part of the heart which is also known as the atrium. Angiosarcomas develop from the cells that are found in the linings of the blood vessels. When these cells become cancerous, they become masses that can break and spread into the atrium of the heart and then to other organs. The atrium of the heart is one of the chambers or parts of the heart. In most cases, the majority of the tumors in the heart are not cancerous, which is also known as benign.

Heart Cancer

Even though the vast majority of the tumors are not cancerous, their damaging effect is not suitable for the heart. The tumor damages the functionality of the heart. This causes the heart to over-stress itself in supplying blood to other organs in the body. Other parts of the body get infarcted when they do not get adequate oxygenated blood. This can cause the lower extremities of the body to be very darkened.

This illness can definitely kill a person faster than someone can ever think of. Some other complications that can arise when adequate amounts of blood are not supplied are the paralyzes of organs such as the arms, legs, and cardiac. Sometimes coronary artery disease develops when oxygenated blood is not supplied to the heart muscles. Consulting a cardiac specialist for coronary heart disease treatment


Heart Cancer and Its Damage to the Heart

A: Cardiac Fibrosis

The tumor causes the heart to stiffen, also known as cardiac fibrosis. When the heart is stiffened, it becomes difficult for the heart to squeeze well. The heart is just like a sponge that squeezes in and out. If the heart is unable to squeeze well, it makes it difficult for the heart to supply an adequate amount of oxygenated blood to the other organs and systems in the body. When the other parts of the body don’t get enough oxygenated blood, they will begin to degenerate such as noticing bluish discoloration on the body known as cyanosis.

B: Ineffective Blood Perfusion

Heart cancer can cause tumors that obstruct blood from flowing effectively. This makes the heart overwork itself in order to compensate for the inadequate amount of blood that is being supplied. When the heart overworks itself continuously, this will cause more damage to the heart which can make the heart shut down suddenly.

C: Damaging Effects Of Cancer Drugs

Cancer drugs such as chemotherapy treatments can cause heart damage by destroying the heart valves. The heart valves perform important purposes in the heart. The heart valves help to regulate the amount of blood that is being supplied by the heart and the amount of back-flow of blood back to the heart. One of the important valves in the heart is known as the atrial-ventricular valve. This valve is placed between the atrial region of the heart and the ventricular region. It regulates the amount of blood that goes from the atrium to the ventricular.

The heart valves will need to be changed once it has been destroyed. The earlier the valves are changed, the better for the heart in order to prevent further complications. The heart valves are usually replaced via a surgical procedure known as heart valve replacement surgery.

To learn more about the various parts of the heart, go to signs of a heart attack. At this link, you will be able to learn more about the various parts of a human heart including the heart valves, their shapes, and functions.

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