Do personal characteristics contribute to disease?

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Do personal characteristics contribute to disease?

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Personal Characteristics – There is no need to prove that our mood depends on the health. However, our body state is directly influenced by our mood. It was noticed that people with different tempers incline to different diseases.

For example, optimists incline to obesity more often than others. They have more often health problems due to their easier and simpler attitude to all troubles including those connected with their own health. Also optimists smoke and drink alcohol more often than others.

What is the relationship between illness and personality?

Meanwhile pessimists suffer more from digesting disorders. Ulcer or gastritis, duodenal obstruction, those are illnesses of people who look at life pessimistically. On the other hand, these people do not have any problems in sex. Sensible people able to emphasize to others’ misfortunes, splashing out their feelings, are less prone to cardiovascular diseases. The scientist says they lack cortisone.

  1. Aggressive people are patients for oncologist. They are prone to cancer. Among other things popular wisdom has noticed angry and quarrelsome people get some serious illness, as a rule.
  2. Unsociable and reserved people, not very eager to communicate with others, are ill more often than others, and they have cardiovascular problems. Their health is always in danger, but they more seldom go to a physical. It was noticed that kind of people do often neglect their diseases.
  3. Open and sociable people are ill less and recover faster. They have their own heel of Achilles, they can hook up some exotic illnesses. It’s not surprising though. It concerns especially those who like continuing meeting people at nights too.

In principle the American psychologist’s resume only confirmed suggestions made by many doctors. For example the suppression of emotions was considered as one of the heart disorders reasons. Cheerfulness and optimism helped many patients to recover faster.

And definitely people having so-called quarrelsome temper should change it and go to see a psychologist. They risk getting some lethal disease. However, there is nothing more difficult than to change your own temper.

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