Brides Workout Tips To Get Fit For Big Day

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Brides Workout Tips To Get Fit For Big Day

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Your big day is fast approaching and everything is set. You are going to marry the love of your life and it’s time to start with new beginnings. But there is a small problem and that you do not love your body. 

You have always been a hard worker and have always kept things regulated in your life and that includes your work and your personal life but something has missed out and fallen between the cracks. We’re talking about your fitness. Every new bride has this desire to look the prettiest that they can for their big day and one of the most important things that they want to do is lose weight

If you are a bride to be and if you are thinking about getting fit and slim for your big day then you are in luck because here is a simple wedding workout plan or bridal workout plan that will allow you to get in shape for your big day and start your life with everything new and that includes your fitness. 

Let us look at MAE’s 3-month wedding fitness plan which includes wedding diet and workout plan and wedding workout tips that will allow you to get in shape before your wedding. 

Three Months Remaining

Start Simple

Starting simple is one of the most important things that you must keep in mind. We do not want you to get injured before your big day. Start with simple exercises such as a full-body workout for 15 minutes every day. By the 2nd week, you must increase this 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Then you can start having days where you push this 30-minute to a little bit longer.

You must always remember to never over-push your body and enjoy this exercise without feeling like this is a burden. If you are going to start and follow this daily then your wedding exercise plan will be super-efficient and will give you a sense of what your body is capable of. This is a process not a surgery and it will take time therefore you must get used to this and always remember why you are doing this. 

Cardio and Strength

After you’ve had the simple start of your wedding fitness routine, you are now used to working out every day, and now is the time for something special and something energetic. This special workout is called HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training. There are a lot of tutorials online for you to have a simple high-intensity interval training routine that you will be able to follow. You must continue your regular simple exercises for the first 2 weeks and then continue this along with it from the 3rd and 4th week. You can also mix in simple exercises such as Pilates and others like rope skipping and treadmill workouts. You must always remember to never exceed the 1 hour 30 minutes else you will be putting excess stress.

Two Months Remaining

Core Exercises

After you have done your simple start and your cardio and strength for the last 4 weeks you must now add a bit more strength into your muscles and do a few full-body workouts and strengthening exercises. These exercises should be able to target your core and you must pick days wherein you focus on different parts of your body. One day should be leg day and another day should be arm day while the other days should be upper body and then the other should be lower body. These core strengthening exercises will allow you to tone your body. The thing with toning exercises is that you must continue this with the other exercises but always remember to never overstress your body. Continue this for the 5th and 6th weeks. 

Multiple Fun And High-Intensity Workouts

After you have done your simple start for 2 weeks and then added on cardio and strength exercises for the next 2 weeks and then do specially targeted code building exercises and having done this for the 6th week, you can now take a bit of rest and then follow a simple week by week variable exercise plan. 

Week 7 

In the 7th week of your wedding workout plan, we suggest that you continue your high-intensity workout which we call HIIT workout. This should include various cardio sessions as well as high intensity followed by low-intensity periods wherein you will allow your body to recover. You can also add a few posture-building exercises to the mix so that your body toning continues and your muscles and spine get the strength that it needs. 

Week 8

 Week 8 is fun because along with the HIIT workout we would suggest that you add yoga into the mix where you will be able to calm your mind and build your self-confidence for the big day ahead. Yoga is extremely effective in helping you condition your mind for this new change that your body is going through. You can also add a few exercises such as biking and jogging which will give you the confidence of going outdoors and being a more confident lady. 

One Month Remaining

This is probably the tensest situation for you as there is only one month remaining for the big day. We suggest that you stop the high-intensity workout training now because we do not want you to take the risk of having an injury one month before your big day. You should continue with the cardio exercises and the strength-building exercises like specially targeted area exercises.

We would also suggest that you devote most of the time to weight loss exercises which are also full-body exercises such as jogging and cycling and treadmill and rope skipping. You might be wondering that is your body in perfect shape. We guarantee that you can do this. Do not doubt yourself and do not stop here as what you will do in these 3 months is difficult to achieve but not impossible. You are a champion.

So, this was the Martial Art Extreme 3-month wedding workout plan that will allow you to get in shape for your big day. You must also remember to stop having fast food and not go on any diet and have nutritious regular home-cooked meals. If you have completed the three-month plan and are waiting for the big day, we from our entire team would like to congratulate you on your big day ahead. 

If you still have time and there are 3 months left and you are having doubts about being able to complete this 3-month wedding workout plan without help then do not worry because we at Martial Art Extreme have a multitude of online martial arts and fitness training programs that you can choose from and that will allow you to stay fit and also learn extremely valuable self-defense techniques. We are Martial Art Extreme and we are India’s premium online fitness training program provider. We have a number of weight loss programs for women so that they can stay in shape. 

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