Tips for Lowering Child’s Fever

Tips for Lowering Child's Fever - Healthlifenews

Tips for Lowering Child’s Fever

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For every parent, his child’s fever is a really stressful experience. If your child is otherwise healthy, then fever is not a cause for concern, as numerous studies have demonstrated. Fever is a disease-fighting mechanism in your body that works to combat infection.

Fortunately, if your child is feeling uncomfortable and burning up due to a fever, you can use some natural ways to help them. Even so, you should think about taking your child to the fever doctor if your kid has a high fever that lasts longer than a few days. In summary, these are home remedies for fever in less than five minutes.

Home Remedies for Fever

Wash Your Forehead With a Cold Washcloth

Low fever can be effectively lowered with this method. To treat your child’s fever, just place a cool, damp washcloth over his or her forehead. When your child is sleeping or resting, you should wear cool clothes.

Keep Fluids and Food Cool for Your Child

To keep your child hydrated, offer your child a lot of cold foods and drinks. This will help to lower the normal body temperature for kids from the inside out.

Sweet and Sour

The first step is to dilute the small cup of brandy with the same amount of water in a bowl. This mixture needs to be soaked in gauze. Fill the child’s socks with the excess mixture squeezed out of the gauze.

Gratified Potatoes

After washing and peeling the potatoes, grated them and stuffed them in your child’s socks. A decrease in fever and a significant improvement in your child’s condition will result from these treatments.

Keep Your Child Indoor in Cool Place

In order to reduce fever, stay inside with your child, in a cool place. If your child goes outside, then it needs to stay in the shade.

You Can Use a Fan

Keep the fan on low mode, but do not let it blow directly on your child. You need to adjust it just to circulate the air around your kid.

Remove Layers of Clothing

Another way to help your child in the case of high fever is to remove layers of clothing, in order to help your child lose the body heat more easily through the skin. However, if it is shivering, put it with a light blanket until it’s warm again.

Give Your Child a Lukewarm Bath

Use lukewarm water while you give your children a bath, as cold water can make them shiver and cause their body temperature to rise even more. This procedure can offer excellent effects as the water evaporates from the skin and it will cool the body and bring the body temperature down.


You must see a doctor immediately if your child is younger than 3 months and has a fever, and the baby’s temperature reaches 101 degrees or higher. In case your baby is older than 6 months, then you need to take viral fever treatment if the baby’s temperature reaches 102 degrees or more.

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